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3d printe in nylon Pa12 with vapor smooth finnish, this will makes the surface more homogenous and color resistant. 

Incorporated with :  DNA60


                                         Omega Nano 60W ( the same as in Proxima)

                                         Omega Compact 60W

                                         Yihi SX600


Comes with directional or non directional 510, this can help you set the airflow of your atomiser in direction you need.


There are designed different models with cage or without cage with directional or non directional 510, in 18650 with carbon fiber tube battery cover or 21700 version with exposed battery and with different boards aswell.


*Current availability depends on parts supply and will be announce on FB Tek division group or here in model description in top section.*


Measurements:   18650   H:  76.7mm

                                                   W: 49mm

                                                    L: 24mm  / with cage 27.3mm

                                                      CAN FIT MAX 24mm dia  atty,

                                                       hight from 510 to the top 35mm



Weight :   18650 .... 55gr


Endurance 18650 Black or White/ cage/ directional 510/ DNA60

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