Legacy represents  past experience with combination  of new 3d printed materials. 

Body is made from one Aluminium corrosion resistant alloy (anticorodal 6082) monoblock , therefore doesnt need external anodization. 


The combination with 3d printed material PA12 gives to the product extrem lightweight. 

18650 battery is protected with 3d printed covers, you can find aditional covers in shop or download files and print them buy your own or design your own style using the original file as base to start from. 




DNA 60 board and high-performance OMRON proximity switches with fast latency ( rated on 50 Milion switch cycles ) will make you feel something that you havent experienced before.

The USB Escribe connection is provided with external PCP interconnection bridge.


New designed 510 connector from STEELABS will permit you to adjust atty airflow direction by rotating the top plate of the connector.



                 Max atty diameter: 25.5mm

                  510 drop: 38.5mm

                  H: 80.3mm

                  L: 48.5mm

                  W: 24mm

Weight: 77gr




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